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Hemicolectomy Diet

Hemicolectomy Diet

Medical enhancements such as a hemicolectomy promote life to those who possess a life-threatening condition. A hemicolectomy is one way to treat colon cancer. This medical procedure is the re-sectioning of a part of your colon. Due to the surgery, your doctor may advise you of a change of food preferences and switch to a healthy and helpful hemicolectomy diet.

After surgery, you may experience a problem of what we call ‘short bowel syndrome’ as a result of the removal of a portion of your colon. It may take you a few months in order for your bowel to function again normally. You really have to select a good diet in order to control your bowel movements.

Hemicolectomy diet right after surgery

Right after your hemicolectomy, foods and beverages are prohibited until you actually have passed wind through your stoma (if a stoma was formed). After you have been able to let wind pass, the tube from your nose that passes through your stomach will be removed. After that, you will be able to take in small sips of clear liquid. This will gradually improve until you are able to tolerate fluids.

Hemicolectomy diet during recovery

During recovery, there are some foods that can upset your stomach. Foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables may temporarily give you loose stools. Consult your doctor in case you have diarrhea. Drinking plenty of water is advised with regular meals and a healthy hemicolectomy diet.

After your operation, you may experience a more production of wind in which will make your recovery uncomfortable. Avoid eating foods that helps you produce gas. In this way, the healing of your surgery may be quicker and may help you have a greater level of comfort. Vegetables like beans, broccoli, cabbage, and other gas-producing vegetables should be avoided.

Eating fiber-rich foods can be helpful in the recovery process of your surgery. Doing so will help prevent foods to stick in your colon for a faster healing. Eating raw vegetables may be healthy but it can stick to your colon therefore giving you an uncomfortable feeling.  Your post-surgery hemicolectomy diet should compose of cooked vegetables such as squash, carrots, green peas, and so on.

Since you are still in the healing process, your stomach still cannot handle protein foods. Protein foods like nuts and red meat should be avoided to promote faster recovery. Also, avoid consumption of fried meats or any food material that has a large amount of fat because these are hard to digest. You may consume fish and eggs since these are easier to digest. Components in dairy food may be difficult to digest therefore should be avoided as well.

As for beverages, you should avoid carbonated drinks because this will offer you discomfort especially in and around the area of incision. Take in sweetened drinks like juices and electrolyte replacement beverages to maintain a healthy hydration. Juices that tend to help you produce gas should also be avoided.

Consider a healthy and helpful hemicolectomy diet after your operation to avoid discomfort and even complications. Following the recommended diet by your physician will promote in a smooth and faster recovery. If ever you want more specific information regarding your diet, consult your doctor or talk to a dietitian.